Season 4 Coming Soon: Shake Off the Status Quo and Say Hello to Your SaaS Management Era

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This is a podcast episode titled, Season 4 Coming Soon: Shake Off the Status Quo and Say Hello to Your SaaS Management Era. The summary for this episode is:

Brittney Linville: Yes. Had some bad blood with the spreadsheets and just needed to get rid of them. SaaS management at scale is not going to happen in a spreadsheet.

Trenton Cycholl: Trying to be IT and getting in the way in using legacy processes, those days are gone.

Meredith Albertson: Cory, it blows my mind how many IT software asset management and procurement leaders are still having to use outdated tools to track SaaS at scale. I mean spreadsheets to track hundreds or thousands of software applications.

Cory Wheeler: Get rid of that bad blood.

Meredith Albertson: Using legacy tools and processes to manage SaaS?

Cory Wheeler: Toss them in the trash. Do you think we should host them a farewell party?

Meredith Albertson: Like a burn your spreadsheets party? I mean, we could do swag, and T-shirts, and buttons, and host a-

Cory Wheeler: Okay, okay, okay. Okay, Miss Creative Marketing Leader. Let's not get carried away. What we really should be celebrating is a new era for IT SAM and procurement.

Meredith Albertson: You're right, Cory. In fact, there's a growing number of innovative leaders who have already ditched the status quo in a redefining software and SaaS management in the enterprise.

Cory Wheeler: And in season four of SaaSMe Unfiltered, they'll share with us tons of real-life experiences and knowledge to help you on your SaaS management journey.

Daniel Garcia: I always look at data drive decisions. So if we can get our hands around data, then that's going to be able to present our teams with all the ammunition that they need. More often than not, you get to the decision that you're intended to get to.

Brittney Linville: I've had Salesforce renewals that take six months. And I've also had ones that take six days because you're just that prepared when it comes down to the renewal.

Trenton Cycholl: IT has been on an island for many, many years, and I think the more IT can get off that island and become really part of the core enterprise, it gets better.

Daniel Garcia: The worst is the vendor comes and says, "You know, you have this renewal too."

Cory Wheeler: Right?

Daniel Garcia: And I'm like, "No, I didn't know that."

Cory Wheeler: Yeah.

Meredith Albertson: Do you think you have what it takes? Join us for season four starting March 19th to learn how you can get a better grip on your SaaS stack, spend, and risks.

Cory Wheeler: Subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen or sign up for our newsletter at zylo. com/ newsletter to get notified when the first episode drops.


Attention IT, Software Asset Management, and Procurement teams: Do outdated tools and spreadsheets give you bad blood when it comes to managing SaaS? The good news is that you’re closer to a new era than you think. Are you ready for it? In Season Four of SaaSMe Unfiltered, get the inside scoop from innovative leaders on how to shake off the status quo, be a change agent within the organization, and take your career to the next level.