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Sam Griffin: Wielding Magic Wands & Being a SaaS Management Superhero

This is a podcast episode titled, Sam Griffin: Wielding Magic Wands & Being a SaaS Management Superhero. The summary for this episode is: <p>From sales to sourcing to software asset management, Sam Griffin’s career has taken an unconventional path - but one that has ultimately set her up for great success. In this episode, learn how Genesys started tackling their SaaS problems, how Sam’s addressing the head and tail of software spend today, and how she’s able to do more with less thanks to automation and data.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Episode highlights:</strong> </p><ul><li>[2:31] Background on Genesys and software for interacting with customers better</li><li>[3:41] Samantha's journey from archeological lab assistant to software asset management at Genesys</li><li>[6:04] How Samantha operates day-to-day, and her experience with Zylo</li><li>[8:21] Partnering with IT, forecasting for the business, and optimizing for architectural fit</li><li>[10:20] Software at every level of the organization and doing more with less</li><li>[11:55] Automation and thinking about how data drives efficiency and saves money</li><li>[13:49] The magic want approach to reclaiming licenses</li><li>[16:28] The maturity roadmap and setting priorities</li><li>[18:27] Projects Samantha is tackling right now</li><li>[21:27] Highlighting strong female leadership and support at Genesys</li><li>[24:02] Advice and helpful mindsets for future SaaS superheroes</li></ul>